The growth course for OnDelta is focused on teaching growth marketing fundamentals to help participants get a competitive job in growth. The course takes place remotely over Zoom, every weekday in the morning with office hours for course projects in the afternoon.


  • A basic background in social media marketing or copywriting.

  • A college degree is not required.

Course Time Commitment

  • Participants must be on time to class every day. Three late arrivals = 1 missed day. Three missed days and the participant is dropped from the course.

    • If a participant is going to have a missed day, the OnDelta instructor must know at least 3 days in advance so that plans can be made accordingly.

  • Students will spend 10-15+ hours outside of class working on projects and weekly assignments.

Projects and Assignments

  • Projects and assignment are due on-time.

  • Participants are allowed to have 3 project or homework extensions (for an extra 48 hours).

  • If you miss any other deadlines after the allotted 3 extensions, each assignment or project after that will equal a missed day of attendance.

Requirements for Participants to Become Official OnDelta Alumni

To be considered an official OnDelta alumni, all participants are held to a high standard, and must finish the course to be considered an alumni.

Students that finish the course to a satisfactory degree will:

  • Receive an OnDelta certificate of completion that they can add to their LinkedIn, as well as, a recommendation from your instructor on LinkedIn.

  • Be considered a OnDelta alumni, and gain access to the OnDelta alumni network.

  • Have full access to their career counselor, even after they finish the course. We want to ensure that we set our students up to succeed for life.

Participant Privacy

OnDelta will make sure to incorporate best privacy practices to ensure that our participants data and information is not compromised.

  • Private participant information and assessments will only be shared with relevant people in OnDelta.

  • If OnDelta wishes to share your information with a 3rd party, OnDelta must ask for the student's explicit consent to share the data.

Cohort Structure

The growth marketing course takes place over 3 months. Each week builds on the fundamental skills learned from the week before.

  • Weekly Projects - Every week, participants will be given a project based on the week's curriculum. These are individual projects.

  • Online Support - Participants will be able to ask questions in their Slack group, and can also take part in daily office hours if they'd like.

  • Live Classes - Classes take place 5 days a week in the morning in 2 hour sessions with office hours in the evening for projects.

  • Homework - Participants will sometimes be given guided reading assignments. Participants will be expected to read those articles to discuss in class the next day.

  • Group Projects - Participants will be assigned a final group project. Participants will work together in groups of 3 to complete the assignment.

  • Soft Skill Lectures - Participants will learn soft skills to reach a higher level of self awareness. Material includes: How to Self Assess, How to Deal with Self Doubt, and other topics.