Quality Assessment

To ensure that we do a good job as a program, we have a rating system to rate ourselves and our ability to teach content effectively.

This page is still in the process of being worked on, but it's our way of providing a clear view into how we operate and self-assess.

Assessment Framework

For us, it isn't just about having good curriculum. It's also about making sure that we reach the goals we promise our students, and set everyone up for success.

These are the metrics we are evaluating our cohorts on:

  • Job placement - How many of our students (%) got a job within the first 3 months of finishing our course? How many of our students (%) were dropped or fired from their job within 6 months of getting a job?

  • Program Completion - How many students in the program finished the course? How many students were dropped within the first month of the course?

  • Participant Satisfaction - What is the NPS of the participants that finished the course? How many participants would recommend the program to their friends?

  • Participant Confidence - Where we able to raise our participants confidence in getting a well paying marketing job?

  • Interview Success - What is the success rate of students going to interviews?

When assessing our cohorts, we hone in on these 3 metrics to ensure that our cohorts are living up to their hype:

  1. Participants who completed the course get their dream job.

  2. Participants become evangelists for our program, and believe that we are delivering on our promises.

  3. Participants feel more confident about going for higher paying marketing jobs after taking our course.

Participant Experience

To make a great experience for our participants, these are the key points we focus on:

  • Curriculum pacing - While we want to move fast and create a high intensity environment, we want to make sure we offering the course information at a pace that's reasonable.

  • Learning Support - To ensure that all students have the opportunity to get their questions answered, we will offer office hours every afternoon after class.

  • Career Support - All students will be assigned a career consultant to ensure that they are ready to go into interviews and take on salary negotiations.

  • Course Planning - Participants should feel that the topics they learning directly maps to theirs goals and the job they are trying to get.