Lesson Breakdown


Every cohort of the OnDelta growth marketing course follows the same structure. Projects may differ, but overall the content and learnings will be the same.

  • Two soft skill lectures every week.

  • 5 personal sessions with your career counselor to go over your interview and career preparation.

  • A 3 month growth marketing course with structured curriculum.

  • Guest lecturers from top Silicon Valley companies and agencies.

  • You will typically have weekly or daily deliverables and homework based off of the lessons for the day.

  • There are office hours every afternoon to go over any questions on the projects or lectures.

Curriculum Overview

Our growth marketing courses will have this style of content:

  • YouTube videos that we ask you to watch.

  • Guided reading material

  • Live lectures on Zoom

  • Projects for hands on experience

  • Group projects to teach working in groups

  • Assessments and grading. We will be checking for your ability to complete tasks constantly.